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Sign Clean-up around Town

Oswestry BID commissioned a survey of all the signs coming into and around Oswestry. The BID then produced a comprehensive list of the all the signs that needed cleaning, foliage clearing, replacing and old signs that should no longer be there, removed. This information was then forwarded to Shropshire Highways, with Oswestry BID ensuring it was pushed through for approval.
Shropshire Council then agreed to complete the works, and this has now been done!

This, together with replacing the Town Maps forms Phase I and Phase II of the signage plan for Oswestry BID. The next phase is to look at what signs we have and how to best improve directions into and around our town, Industrial Estates and with a better way-finding system for pedestrians. This needs to be a collaborative plan between Oswestry BID, Oswestry Town Council and Shropshire Council.