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Oswestry NightBus service to run from April to December 2022

UPDATED 27/12/22
The Nightbus service that has run in Oswestry from April will continue through the Christmas period before ending its operation on December 31st 2022.

The Oswestry NightBus has now been expanded to 2 main services making it easier to enjoy Oswestry’s wonderful eateries, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants, and get home safely.
The OSWESTRY TOWN CIRCULAR (£3/single journey) and OSWESTRY VILLAGE CIRCULAR (£4/single journey) will run from 1 April to 31 December every FRIDAY & SATURDAY EVENING.
So whether you live on the outskirts of Oswestry, or around the town, check the timetable for your evening out.
* The NightBus is provided in partnership between Oswestry BID and Tanat Valley Coaches.