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Oswestry ready for Town-wide Digital Infrastructure

As Spring is upon us, we’d like to update BID Members with the latest news on a range of exciting projects designed to improve and enhance Oswestry’s business environment across the industrial estates and town centre, making Oswestry a better place to live, work and invest in.

To thrive in the 21st century, towns need effective digital, as much as physical, infrastructure to bring customers and business together. The BID team are bringing forward three key components to give Oswestry a digital platform fit for purpose.

We are working with specialists to track and benchmark footfall in the town. For the first time, Oswestry businesses will have real data on footfall numbers and movements, providing correlations with local initiatives, to drive investment, smart marketing and evidence-based policy.

Free WiFi has been shown to accelerate the engagement of customers and visitors with business, events and attractions while building an ever-growing marketing database to promote the town more effectively. A real game changer.