Firelight Trio – LIVE at Hermon Arts

Hermon Oswestry
7:30pm - Fri, 7th Jun 2024

Experience the vibrant heart of Europe with Firelight Trio – where every note weaves a tapestry of tradition and innovation, and every performance is a journey through the continent’s soulful melodies and spirited rhythms.

Firelight Trio is a mighty new group featuring Fatea instrumentalist of the year 2023 Gavin Marwick (fiddle), accordionist Phil Alexander (Moishe’s Bagel), and Ruth Morris (Outlander – HBO) on the beautiful Swedish Nyckelharpa. They play European music that is evocative, inventive, and endlessly exciting. Ruth’s resonant nyckelharpa is matched by Gavin’s powerhouse fiddle, all backed up by Phil’s groovily inventive accordion and piano, in a rich tapestry of lively Swedish polskas and Scottish reels, lilting French waltzes, toe-tapping klezmer, dazzling original tunes and more.

‘A veritable roots music supergroup’ – RnR magazine

‘Top-calibre trio with grace, energy, and playfulness’ – Folk Radio UK

Achingly beautiful’ – Fatea

‘Deeply expressive, impressively virtuosic and cheekily sardonic, all in perfect measure’ Songlines ****

‘Simply splendid… three musical giants’ – RnR magazine

‘Absolutely superb, thrilling and mesmerizing performance! A truly memorable concert and 100% enjoyable from toddlers to seniors.’ -Laura Pyrrö, cultural producer of Espa Stage, Helsinki.

They had a fantastic live review from St George’s, Bristol, which you can read here:

The album is on Spotify:

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‘It’s very hard not to think about Europe and be desperately furious about loss when listening to this incredible album by Firelight Trio. It’s stuffed with Latvian marches, French Chapelloise, Balkan Polskas, Ukrainian klezmer tunes and German jigs. At every turn it is joyous, deliriously uplifting, wildly inventive, it is breathtakingly beautiful, gently contemplative, wonderfully thoughtful. It is, in short, everything that makes European music so great.’ – Gavin McNamara

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