Jay Adkins Mind Magician at Hermon Arts

7:30pm - Sat, 16th Sep 2023

Clever. Intriguing. Humorous & Brilliant!

These are words used to describe award winning Mentalist and Illusionist Jay Adkins as he leaves his audience mesmerised, engaged and amused with his naturally charming and entertaining style of Stage Mentalism, Close up mind reading and delightful deception.

Combining psychological mind-manipulation together with magic and comedy, Jay brings a fresh vitality to the genre of Mentalism. His inimitable style combined with memory feats that stun and amaze, Jay uses Psychology, Showmanship, Hypnosis, Suggestion, and Cold Reading to captivate and engage his audience. With over 20-years performance experience at his disposal.

Triple Prestige Entertainer Of The Year Award Winner
Central England Entertainer of the Year  2020/2021 & 2021/2022
South West England Entertainer of the Year 2021/2022

Returning to the Hermon after a successful show in 2016