Landscape Painting in Oil Paints with Anne Byrne at The Willow Gallery

10:00am - 4:00pm, Sat, 3rd Jun 2023

Landscape Painting in Oil Paints with Anne Byrne
£75, students are required to bring materials
This exciting all day workshop will offer an introduction into painting a landscape of your choice in oil paints.
Join practicing artist Anne Byrne for this inspiring one-day work-shop. During the workshop, Anne will explore and explain how to identify and see key aspects of a landscape that can bring energy and movement to create exciting and powerful works. You’ll then be encouraged to use this knowledge to create a compelling piece of art during the workshop.
Aimed at beginner, keen enthusiast or for those who have never used oil paints previously, in this workshop you will learn about:
  • Mapping out your landscape
  • Composition
  • Shapes
  • Tone
  • Colour
Recommended Materials to bring:
  • A printed landscape image of your choice
  • Small sketchbook for initial sketches.
  • Brushes – a small variety of brushes (include at least one flat ¾ inch).
  • Stretched (Approx A3) canvas or board; Gesso prepared MDF
  • Cardboard box to transport wet painting
  • Sealed glass jar
  • Apron
There will be a basic selection of essential materials including some key paint colours available. However, If you have suitable materials already then you may wish to bring them along.


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