NEW EXHIBITION: Walking the Urban & Rural Landscape at The Willow Gallery

10:00am - Sat, 26th Aug 2023
ends 4:00pm - Thu, 14th Sep 2023

Walking the Urban & Rural Landscape by Mike Cooke & Roy Sargent
Saturday 26th August – Saturday 14th October
The Willow Gallery, Oswestry
Mike & Roy will both be in the gallery this Saturday, 26th August, for a Meet the Artist – All are welcome!
Mike is fascinated by things ‘partly seen’ and by ambiguous ‘screens’ through which we might glimpse a ‘beyond’, always striving to capture a ‘sense of place’.
Roy, for his part, often begins with a fairly literal rendering of the subject, gradually replaced by an abstracted combination of time and place. He is concerned with the passing of time in a specific place.