Rick Wilson & Jo Jukes – LIVE at Hermon Arts

Hermon Oswestry
7:30pm - Fri, 20th Oct 2023

Jo Jukes – singer, songwriter, musician, artist, author. Jo’s heartfelt lyrics sing of connection to the landscape and nature on her doorstep. Songs of the natural world, songs of endurance, songs of hope and fortitude.

Rick Wilson – percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, singer. Rick has four solo albums to his name and credits on countless others. He has worked as musical director, workshop and project leader amongst storytelling and theatre initiatives worldwide.

Together, they bring their emotive, rhythmically snaky songs to Hermon Arts Centre. Come and see this beguiling duo perform tracks from their recent album ‘Weaving the World’ inspired by Jo’s book ‘Finding Home-Journeys with the Hillforts of Shropshire’ plus new creations from their upcoming second album.

Tickets £10