Norderland Mountainbike CHallenge 2022

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2022 Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge countdown

Borderland Rotary members joined Tim Gray, MD of Dairi-Pak, James Davies, owner of Mule Cycles and Jane Pritchard from AICO at their headquarters in Oswestry to start the countdown to the 2022 Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge.

The 22-mile challenge takes the riders over natural trails, green lanes, and farm tracks, up and down private land in the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains and is available to riders of all levels of competence. However, it’s not for the faint hearted as there’s only about 300 meters of tarmac and probably no more than that on level ground. You just need a bike, a helmet, and the heart of a lion! Some may wish to ease the pain by entering on their E-bikes as this year they are very welcome.

The ride has been sponsored by Dairi-Pak Ltd since its first running in 1994. Brian Gray the former owner of Dairi-Pak, a keen cyclist and a Rotarian helped formulate the ‘challenge’ as it is today… from those humble beginnings the event has run every year (except for the last two years due to Covid) and has grown in support and reputation as a fixture on the MTB calendar.

Unfortunately, Brian Gray passed away in 2012 and his son Tim Gray, who now runs the company, decided to continue with his support and sponsorship. During the pandemic Borderland Rotary members and Tim Gray took some time to rethink, reshape and upscale the whole event – keeping all the good bits but increasing the entry limit from 150 to 300.

Tim Gray reflects – “ During successive lockdowns I had plenty of time to reflect and decided it would be great to relaunch the ‘challenge’ as a bigger and better event for riders, sponsors and recipients of the money raised. It became clear that if we wanted a better event involving other ‘community spirited’ local companies would extend our reach and secure the future of the Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge for many years to come. I would like to thank AICO and Mule Cycles for joining Dairi-Pak in sponsoring the ride, their enthusiasm and professionalism has been invaluable in preparing for this
year’s event.”

Why not get involved, maybe form a team – just look on Facebook or the new website www.borderland-mtb-challenge.org