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Aico partners with Wellbe Hub to promote well-being in the workplace

Aico is partnering with Wellbe Hub to promote well-being in the workplace, as well-being ambassadors.

On the 18 th of April 2023, Laura Butler, Lifestyle Intervention Consultant and founder of Wellbe, visited Aico’s headquarters in Oswestry to introduce colleagues to the Wellbe Hub and the benefits it provides.

The Wellbe Hub is a well-being portal founded by Laura during the pandemic to empower businesses to make wellness content accessible to employees, anytime and anywhere.

Providing content curated by a team of accredited professionals, the portal contains the latest wellness techniques, a healthy recipes library, live fitness classes and two live training sessions per month held by health and wellness coaches. Every Aico colleague will receive their own unique login, providing them access to a wealth of information on mindfulness, managing stress and self-care.

Aico’s Sustainability Programme is founded on five pillars: Marketplace, Community, Environment, Governance, and Workplace. The Workplace pillar focuses on supporting the well-being of colleagues and providing a tailored programme around mental and physical health. Aico is delighted to work with Laura and utilise the Wellbe Hub to support their well- being at work initiatives.

Laura Butler, of Wellbe commented: “I am delighted to be working with Aico who already have a strong approach to well-being and are known for their progressive people strategy. I look forward to supporting the Aico team across all areas of well-being and making a positive difference to the people and the business”.

Every month, users will receive an email with the latest content available from the Wellbe Hub, in a variety of different formats to ensure there is something for everyone. Colleagues will be able to provide feedback on the features of the Wellbe Hub through regular surveys, creating a more bespoke and tailored experience.

Lily Ellis, Sustainability Lead, Aico adds: “The Wellbeing of colleagues has always been a key aspect of our Sustainability Programme at Aico, understanding the importance of supporting our workforce in a variety of ways.

Being able to work with Laura and utilise the Wellbe Hub will enable us to push this further,
providing 24/7 access to Wellbeing services, enhancing our provision and hopefully
encouraging other businesses to get on board as well.”

To find out more about the Wellbe Hub, please visit – https://www.wellbe-hub.co.uk/