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New Safety & Access Road Improvements to Maes-Y-Clawdd, Oswestry industrial estate

An Oswestry BID initiative to improve road safety, supported by the business community on Oswestry industrial estate, has been completed.

The project came about following significant site access issues and serious safety concerns from businesses for pedestrians, visitors, and staff, using the much-used Maes-Y-Clawdd stretch, brought about by large vehicles parked on the roadside for long periods. There had been reports of poor visibility, near misses and pedestrians being forced off the path onto the road.

A process to resolve these issues was led by Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District) in cooperation with Shropshire Council, and several options were put to the businesses affected along the route. After a long consultation in Spring 2021, it was decided that the whole length needed to be double yellow lined.

Adele Nightingale, Oswestry BID Manager, is pleased to see the project come to fruition. ‘It’s taken several months of consistent advocacy for our business community, but it’s been worth it. The benefits for business, visitors, staff, customers, in terms of safety and easy access will be huge over the coming months and years. So, we would like to thank Shropshire Council Highways for patiently putting up with our incessant emails and calls.’

Manufacturing business, Arla Foods, were one of the first to express their appreciation for the development. Ian Jones, Planning Manager, commented, ‘It is fantastic to see the addition of the double yellow lines laid down on Maes-Y- Clawdd. This will help provide a far safer environment for all our Arla colleagues entering and exiting the Oswestry site, especially during the darker hours. Only a few weeks ago I had to ask a driver to move along, as he was parked right on the edge of our site entrance – so this a huge step forward!’

The Maes-Y-Clawdd Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) project came in the wake of the Mile Oak changes that have made a big difference to safety and access there too. Also included in the Maes-Y-Clawdd project was the extension of double yellow lines added to Radford’s Fields. This followed similar business concerns about access and safety in that area. Jonathan Evans of Evans Aggregates was complementary of BID’s role, and said, ‘We are really pleased to have got the lines down, this will keep access to our premises clear for our drivers to be able to enter/exit safely. A big thanks to BID for all their help in getting the lines sorted!’