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What is LoyalFree? The new loyalty app in Oswestry

LoyalFree is an innovative digital loyalty app which helps businesses attract new customers via a profile showcasing their offers, reviews, images and more.

It pulls together all the vital information for an area.  This allows users to benefit from using just one app for the whole of the UK. More recently the app can now offer competitions and interactive tours and trails.

The app allows the Business to advertising in the local area, customer insights and social media support. A local guide will also help visitors with vital tourism information. While an events section will showcase activities in the area.

All BID levy payers can sign up to the app for FREE!

If you are a Oswestry BID Levy payer please email for details of how you can get involved in the scheme.

The video below provides a brief overview of how the app works for both users and businesses.