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BID encouraged by bounce back of Oswestry town footfall

Since installing Phase 1 of the Oswestry Footfall System in August, we’ve been monitoring the effects on town footfall of events, local and national.

Oswestry has a generally consistent pattern of footfall of between 60-70,000 visits per week which peaked in early September 2020 at 73882 visits.

The second national “lockdown” began 00.01 on Thursday 5 November and ended at 00.01 on Wednesday 2 December, and there was a 21% reduction in visits during this “lockdown”.

However, Oswestry has shown time and again that it’s a resilient town with a strong local economy and community, and it was encouraging to see footfall numbers recover completely following the “lockdown” with an increase of 21% in the week ending 6th December 2020.

*Regular footfall updates will be available on the BID Website. If a BID levy payer would like more detailed information, please do email

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