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Oswestry Footfall – Latest Updates


Total visitors in last 7 days


Wi-Fi connections in last 7 days


Average dwell time (mins) in last 7 days

Note: These Oswestry Footfall Stats are updated daily.

Oswestry Footfall - Latest Updates

Measuring and monitoring town footfall is an essential tool for every town to gauge how the local and visitor economy is progressing.

Oswestry BID completed Phase 1 of the Oswestry Footfall System in August 2020 to provide unprecedented footfall information to support an evidence-base for assessing and guiding future initiatives, events and activities.

Bookmark this page for regular footfall updates.

UPDATE June 2021

  • The change in footfall compared to the previous month is a 4.97% increase
  • The total number of visitors was 317637 of which 162115 (51%) have visited previously and 155522 (49%) were new


The data shows that Oswestry has a strong consistent footfall, so if you're looking to invest on Oswestry high street and would like relevant footfall information to feed into your ideas, contact the team at Oswestry BID.

We can provide footfall information around town at different times, comparing different times periods, zones and even with other towns in the UK.

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