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The Great Oswestry Balloon Hunt

JOIN “THE GREAT OSWESTRY BALLOON HUNT” and you might win a fabulous model Hot Air Balloon!
We’re excited about the upcoming Oswestry Balloon Carnival on 21-22 August, and our great indie shops are getting in the spirit too.
This fun family trail around the shops is about finding the Hot Air Balloons in the windows of 8 shops. Those that complete the set have a chance to win one of the fabulous model Hot Air Balloons!
1. Download the free LoyalFree app, click on ‘Trails’. and begin the hunt!
2. Visit the 8 Shops on the trail with 8 different Balloon Designs.
3. Spot the Hot Air Balloon and scan the QR code on the poster at each shop with the App.
4. That’s it! You now have a chance to win!
All in the spirit of Oswestry Balloon Carnival!
Shop Trail organised by Oswestry BID