Oswestry & Borders Repair Cafe

Oswestry Repair Cafe
12:00pm - 3:00pm, Sat, 11th Mar 2023

The Repair Cafe is back in Oswestry! Bookings only for now so get in touch to book in your broken items by *9th May* either here on FB or, preferably, via osbordersrepaircafe@gmail.com

They typically mend: ?mechanical, electrical, electronic and wooden objects; bikes, furniture, glass and ceramics, musical instruments, IT hardware and software and vintage valve radios.

Clothing repairers usually mend: woollens, zips, hems and seams by machine and by hand, as well as making alterations.

There will be refreshments served – tea, coffee, squash and bite-sized delicious nibbles.

For queries or to book in your broken items, please email osbordersrepaircafe@gmail.com