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BID to provide extra Bleed Kits for Oswestry Defibs

Additional bleed control kits are set to be made available in Oswestry.

Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District) were approached by Oswestry Town Council to support and build on their initiative, and BID have agreed to install an extra seven bleed control kits in their town centre and industrial estate defibrillators. The kits are specially designed to help slow the bleeding before an ambulance arrives.

Michelle Parry, an Oswestry Community First Responder, is pleased to see the expansion of bleed control kit availability. “It can make a real difference to providing aid and support, and buys vital time for the ambulance to arrive,” she said.

Oswestry BID Manager, Adele Nightingale, appreciated the initiative of Oswestry Town Council in making the initial bleed kits available. “It’s another great example of partnership working for the benefit of Oswestry as a whole,” she added.