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Oswestry Innovation Park – have your say!

Oswestry Innovation Park – your thoughts?

A new commercial development – Oswestry Innovation Park – is being proposed on land east of the Mile End roundabout. It will be made up of 10 plots over a number of phases, and will provide a dramatic transformation of a major gateway into town.

A consultation has been launched with Shropshire Council urging residents and businesses to feedback on plans that could inject £45 million into the town, creating 460 jobs.

It is thought that a large range of businesses will be accommodated from offices to distribution, with potential for a hotel, small scale food and drink operators, general industry and large storage.

A website has been set up for anyone to have their say on the plans.

A Phased Approach

There’ll be four phases in the development, with Phase 1 being a hotel, two mixed use general industry sites and some small scale office units, one bigger office unit and three services units proposed to potentially provide a service station, small scale retail or food outlets. New Year is expected to bring in work on improvements to the Mile End junction.

The Bridge

A bridge to span the newly diverted A5 north looks to provide pedestrian and cycle links across the A5, improving connectivity with the proposed Eastern Gateway Sustainable Urban Extension allocated for residential development. A planning application has also been lodged to this effect.

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