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Street Rangers are coming to Oswestry

Street Rangers are coming to Oswestry Town Centre as part of a new initiative, fully funded by Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District), in response to a rapid rise in shoplifting and incidents of anti-social behaviour.

In close partnership with Oswestry Police (West Mercia Police), the service looks to provide direct support to Oswestry’s town centre shops, businesses and organisations, to improve the safety of staff and customers, and provide the skills to handle, record and report such incidents.

Shoplifting has quickly become a national issue impacting town centres across the country, and BID have been asked by businesses to provide a local solution. The Street Ranger model has been successfully applied in many towns and cities, and BID are bringing best practice to the design of the service, and adding bespoke aspects tailored to Oswestry town centre’s specific needs.

BID Manager, Adele Nightingale, is looking forward to seeing the Street Rangers making a difference in the town centre, and believes the partnership with Oswestry Police is vital in this endeavour. Adele said, “We’d like to thank Inspector Greenaway for partnering with BID in this initiative. We will build strong operational relationships between the Street Rangers and Oswestry Police. This is a key foundation for the service to work well on the ground, and we really appreciate the insight and experience Inspector Greenaway brings to the project.”

BID intends to have the Street Rangers operational in early November 2023, and to provide more information about the service’s progress in the coming weeks.