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UPDATE on Covid Business Grants

Here’s a quick update for businesses that have already applied for Covid business grants, or considering a new application.

1. Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG, open/closed) – December

Previous and new applications are in process, with verification as required.
If you have received verification emails from Shropshire Council for further information, please respond as soon as you can.

More information on LRSG and how to apply:

2. Christmas Support Payment (Wet-led Pubs) – December

Many eligible pubs have self-verified for this grant. Once again, if you have received emails from Shropshire Council for information, please respond, as the sooner they receive it, the quicker they can process applications.

3. Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) – January, and Closed Business Lockdown Grant (CBLG/one-off)

Most applications have been processed with payments made as soon as possible. Some remaining applications are going through verification.

4. Discretionary Additional Restrictions Grant (DARG) – launched soon
Info at

DARG provides for further discretionary funding to support businesses that were not eligible for the LRSG, but were significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Note: If you applied to Shropshire Council during the November 2020 lockdown for the previous DARG grant you do not need to apply again. If you were successfully awarded funding of £1,344 you will automatically be eligible for this award subject to still meeting all eligibility criteria and final checks being completed and approved.

This scheme will initially support all eligible businesses, before being opened up to new applications.

For information on DARG and how to apply:


To find out more about these grants, and how to apply, visit:

We’ll update you as soon as we hear the latest guidance. Should there be any specific queries, or if payment hasn’t been received which should have been received by now, do get in touch and we can follow up for you –